Your Career at Advocate Lawyers

At Advocate Lawyers we welcome individuals of all experience levels, lawyers or otherwise, who are passionate about building a career in law. We are always seeking people who are committed to providing excellent service and value strong relationships with colleagues and clients.

Our firm has a strong focus on creating a positive and supportive work culture that promotes respect and makes all staff feel valued. We know that work is only one part of your life and we recognise the importance of balance and flexibility. By fostering a happy and engaged team, Advocate Lawyers is able to deliver exceptional outcomes for our clients.

Whether you are a lawyer in the early part of your career, an established practitioner with years of experience, or a highly skilled paralegal, legal secretary or receptionist, Advocate Lawyers is a great place to look for your next career move. If you are interested in joining our exceptional team, we welcome applications at any time.

Email us: recruitment@advocatelawyers.com.au.

At Advocate Lawyers, there is a strong focus on creating a positive and supportive work culture that promotes flexibility and responsiveness to the needs of a modern workforce. While clients still dictate the need for an office environment, COVID-19 taught us that we should be able to provide flexibility without losing efficiency. We have adopted technologies that allow our team to work from anywhere but easily disconnect at the end of the day. Collaboration, creativity, and innovation are encouraged. We don’t want to be the same as all the other firms and our culture is geared towards inspiring and supporting excellence. By fostering a happy and engaged team, Advocate Lawyers is committed to delivering exceptional outcomes for our clients.

At Advocate Lawyers, our pay and conditions framework is designed to attract and retain talented and dedicated staff who are committed to delivering exceptional service to our clients. Here’s an overview of what we offer:


We offer a competitive salary package that reflects the skills, experience and qualifications of our staff throughout their careers. For lawyers, pay is linked to targets, but not to daily billable hours. We regularly review our salaries to ensure that they remain competitive in the market.


Our staff are entitled to annual leave, personal leave and long service leave in accordance with the relevant legislation and awards. On top of this, we have a sensible approach to flexibility which empowers and supports our people in dealing with life when it happens.

Professional Development

We encourage and support our staff in their professional development by providing opportunities for training and development. We encourage our team to let us know when they find learning opportunities that appeal to their professional interests or if there are other ways we can support their development.

At Advocate Lawyers, we understand that our employees have different personal and professional responsibilities that require flexibility in their work arrangements. To support our staff in achieving work-life balance, we offer a range of flexible policies and practices.

Flexible Working Hours

Our flexible work hours policy allows our staff to vary their start and finish times within pre-determined core hours or around business needs. This policy helps staff to manage their personal commitments without affecting their work schedules.

Part-time Hours

We offer part-time arrangements for some positions so that we can accommodate staff who wish to work fewer hours per day or week. We work with our staff to design their role so that it matches their reduced hours while still fulfilling their responsibilities.

Purchased Additional Leave

At Advocate Lawyers, we offer the option to purchase additional annual leave, subject to operational requirements. This allows our staff to take more time off for personal reasons, such as study or travel.

Working from Home

Arrangements may be made for our staff to work from home or off-site with their manager’s approval, enabling them to work in an environment that suits their needs.

Open positions

Job Posting Title Location Department Date
Lawyer (Kingston Office) – Part Time or Full Time Kingston, Tasmania Legal May 14, 2024
Junior Lawyer or Graduate Lawyer Kingston / Hobart Legal May 8, 2024
Administrative Assistant Hobart, Tasmania Administration May 8, 2024

*The date in the table above denotes when the job ad was posted.

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