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Areas of expertise


  • LLM, Master of Laws Majoring in Commercial Litigation, College of Law
  • Nationally Accredited Mediator Training Program & National Mediation Assessment, College of Law
  • LLB, Bachelor of Laws, University of Tasmania
  • BA, Bachelor of Arts, University of Tasmania

Kelly Dewey was admitted to the Supreme Court of Tasmania in 2012 and the High Court of Australia in 2013. She is an experienced litigator who has worked across state and federal courts in various jurisdictions, including Tasmania, Queensland and New South Wales. In 2016 and 2017, Kelly became a Nationally Accredited Mediator and then completed her Master of Laws specialising in Commercial Litigation. She brings a wealth of experience dealing with family law, commercial disputes, employment law, personal injury, administrative law, government, planning and criminal prosecution.

If you need a lawyer who will give you specialist legal advice and work hard to keep your costs down, then Kelly is the lawyer for you. Kelly understands the personal impact of disputes, particularly in family or employment law, and works to ensure her clients have clear and pragmatic advice.

Advocate Lawyers was started to give support to clients when they really need it. Kelly prides herself on being a strong advocate for clients, helping to ensure that they don’t get bogged down in disputes based on principle alone. Where there are unavoidable disputes or where a client requires representation in Court, Kelly ensures that her clients have pragmatic legal advice that doesn’t just tell them what the law is but makes sure they understand the realities of how a dispute or action may resolve. Kelly uses her mediation skills to assist clients in identifying the real issues in dispute which allows her to settle disputes as early as possible thereby saving her clients money, time and just as importantly, stress.

Kelly started her career in civil litigation in Brisbane after moving there in 2012. During that time she practised predominantly in the Supreme Court of Queensland and the Federal Magistrates’ Court (as it then was). Following a move to Sydney in 2013, she continued in private practice, advising clients on franchise agreements, commercial leasing, conveyancing, contract law, family law and conducting prosecutions for a local council. In 2015 she joined boutique law firm David Landa Stewart as a litigator where she developed the firm’s family law practice while also practising in personal injury, employment law and contract disputes.

In 2018, Kelly became a Senior Legal Officer with the NSW Department of Planning, Environment & Industry where she managed large scale litigation across the areas of planning, judicial review, administrative review, personal injury, criminal appeals, work health & safety prosecutions & other prosecution work.

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