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Areas of expertise


  • LLB (Hons), Bachelor of Laws with Honours, University of Tasmania
  • BAgSc, Bachelor of Agricultural Science, University of Tasmania

Hannah Fromberg specialises in Family Law. She brings an intimate knowledge of the family law process to her practice, where she passionately advocates for her clients’ rights and best interests.

Hannah provides comprehensive support to clients facing complex family-related challenges, such as divorce, child custody, and property division.

Hannah earned her Bachelor of Laws with Honours from the University of Tasmania, where she had previously received a Bachelor of Agricultural Science. Before joining Advocate Lawyers, she worked as a paralegal at various firms and then as a lawyer in the family and relationships law team at Dobson Mitchell Allport.

Before her legal career, she had a successful career in the agricultural sector where she worked variously as an Agronomist, Agribusiness Analyst, and as a manager/owner of a large-scale farming operation.

With a wealth of legal knowledge, unique insights from her broad professional background, and a compassionate advocacy style, Hannah Fromberg is a lawyer who remains steadfast in her pursuit of protecting her clients’ rights and achieving the best possible outcomes in Family Law matters.

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